Image Information

My images do not include shots where two images from different locations are fused together.

All animal & bird images are in the wild (no captive, staged or zoo animals). All flowers are taken
outside in natural lighting.

BA in Art/Graphic Design
Keene State College (Cum Laude)

My Thoughts:


I can't express how much joy there is in working with nature. I am constantly amazed at the sweeping landscapes that exist beneath our footsteps and often go unnoticed. Sometimes, the smallest flowers boast the most splendid designs and in an instance, a remarkable bloom can pass. Every reoccuring season brings a surprise. I'm a firm believer in the preservation of our forests, natural landscapes and wildlife. My hope is that my photography can provide a glimpse of the beauty and joy God has given us through nature.

If you have any questions regarding my work, please contact me.

• Member of the Nature Photographers Network™

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